Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SXU Prof. William Kresse to appear on Chicago’s You and the Law; To air on Chicago area cable channel 19, date and time to be announced soon

Photo: SXU Prof. William Kresse (left); Ruth Kaufman, Chicago Bar Association member and host and producer of You and the Law (center); Assistant Attorney General Christine Nielsen, Consumer Fraud Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General's Office, (right).

Chicago (Jan. 30. 2008) – Saint Xavier Professor William Kresse will appear on an episode of You and the Law, produced by CBA Television Productions, Inc. a not-for-profit affiliate of the Chicago Bar Association.

Kresse took part Monday in the taping of the episode titled “Credit Card Hacking” alongside fellow guest Assistant Attorney General Christine Nielsen and show host Ruth Kaufman.

He discussed the various ways a consumer’s credit information can be stolen, what a consumer can do if this happens, and what measures a consumer can take to prevent this from occurring.
The discussion also included the specific case of credit card information theft from millions of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s customers.

The date and time the episode will air will be announced soon.

You and the Law is a topical, panel-format talk show, emphasizing the public service aspects of the law. The show explains issues, discusses the impact of public policy changes and court decisions, and stresses the role of lawyers and judges in making and influencing those decisions. The show is cablecast to more than 500,000 households throughout the Chicago area on cable channel 19, in three 12-week seasons per year.

Kresse is the director and architect of the financial fraud examination and management graduate program at Saint Xavier University’s Graham School of Management in Chicago, currently the only classroom-based MBA program in financial fraud and identity theft in the country.

The program combines elements of law enforcement, law, accounting and general business education. In January, Saint Xavier began offering graduate classes in Financial Fraud Examination and Management in the Chicago Bar Association building in Chicago’s Loop. The U.S. Air Force and Chicago Police Department have both chosen the program to better train agents and officers in identity theft and financial and procurement fraud.


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