Monday, May 12, 2008

SXU art students take part in Looptopia

Students host ecological video projections, art school

Chicago (May 12, 2008)
Saint Xavier University students hosted a video projection display and a miniature art school at last weekend’s Looptopia festival in Chicago.

Two crews of SXU students were involved in two different exhibits at the all-night art and cultural festival in the Loop area.

The first crew of about 40 students produced an ecologically themed video projection display near Wacker Drive and Wabash Avenue. All students contributed content for the giant projectors set up in the back of UPS trucks. The projects were created in collaboration with a water activism program through SXU’s biology department.

The second crew helped host an art school after midnight in the Palmer House Hilton’s Ballroom.

Participants could visit several stations offering instruction on different types of art from students, such as photography, animation, collages, silk screening and mask-making. After they finished their projects, they received a report card and were eligible for prizes. The project was in collaboration with teachers from several local art institutions.

Nathan Peck, assistant professor of art and design at SXU, estimates about 1,000 visitors participated in the school.

“It was an art jam,” Peck said. “The idea was to get a bunch of people together and have them impacted by the collaboration so they make things they wouldn’t have been able to if they were sitting alone at home.”


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