Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SXU professor to co-chair Golden Apple Award selection committee

Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D., will select winners for teaching award

Chicago (Aug. 20, 2008) Saint Xavier University faculty member Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D, has been chosen to co-chair the Selection Committee for the 2008-09 Golden Apple Teaching Awards.

The Golden Apple Foundation is dedicated to recognizing and developing excellence in teaching in the Chicagoland area. Last year, there were more than 850 nominations for outstanding teachers.

Knight, an education professor at SXU, will direct the committee in selecting 10 winners. She has served the Golden Apple Foundation for 13 years and directs SXU’s Golden Apple Scholars program, which provides tuition money for education students.

Six SXU alumni have received the Golden Apple award since its inception in 1986. SXU alumnus John Nieciak of Mount Greenwood received a Golden Apple in May of this year.

“I am honored to serve as co-chair of the Golden Apple Award selection committee,” Knight said. “These awards recognize the very best of those pursuing the noble profession of teaching.”


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