Friday, March 19, 2010

Matthew Abraham, Ph.D. to deliver academic freedom lecture

Focusing also on the question of Palestine

Chicago (March 19, 2010) Matthew Abraham, Ph.D. will present a lecture entitled “The Courage to Refuse: Academic Freedom and the Question of Palestine” from noon to 1 p.m. on Mon., April 5 in the Fourth Floor Boardroom located in the Warde Academic Center at Saint Xavier University’s Chicago campus, 3700 W. 103rd St.

Matthew will focus on several important academic freedom cases that have arisen in the last five years concerning scholars studying the Israel-Palestine conflict. Matthew will present a point of view on the circumstances surrounding his former colleague, Norman G. Finkelstein, who was denied tenure at DePaul University in June 2007. He will also address situations involving Joseph Massad (Columbia University), Joel Kovel (Bard College), Nadia Abu El-Haj (Barnard), Juan Cole (University of Michigan), and John Mearsheimer (University of Chicago) and Stephen Walt (Harvard Kennedy School of Government).

Abraham will suggest ways academics can work together to protect their rights to write critically about the history of Zionism, Israel's treatment of Palestinians, and the nature of the formal relationship between the United States and the State of Israel.

Abraham is Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse at DePaul University and a member of the Illinois State Council of the American Association of University Professors. He has published widely and is completing a book manuscript entitled "Out of Bounds: Academic Freedom and the Question of Palestine" for Pluto Press (London and Ann Arbor).

The lecture is free, open to the public and is co-sponsored by the American Association of University Professors (SXU chapter) the Middle East Studies Program and Students for Justice in Palestine.



Jay Foot, Executive Director of Media Relations

C: (773) 617-3632

O: (773) 298-3937


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